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My goal as concerns nature photography is not that of setting up an archive with innumerable pictures. On the contrary, my desire is to work on improving my techniques of taking photographs of animals and plants in the countryside and landscapes I am most familiar with. For this reason, I am focused on the flora and fauna to be found at my doorstep in the Rhine Valley. A second location dear to my heart – my second doorstep, so to speak – lies in Scotland. Since 1997 I have been visiting my friends and fellow nature photographers Laurie Campbell and Neil McIntyre to whom I am my beholden for my strong ties to that country and its natural treasures of animals and plants.
In 1986 I gained membership in the Association of German Nature Photographers (GDT), for more than 3 years I was a member of the board and since 2008 I have headed a local branch therof.
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